And What About Fluoridation Of Water, Dr. Carson?

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To be fair, Carson issued an apology for his remarks — remarks every bit as bizarre as General Ripper’s, um, theory — but, then again, Ripper’s a character in a movie while Carson is an honest-to-god-real-life-presidential-candidate for a major political party in the United States. Yikes.

I’m guessing he realized or was told his broader political viability following such a  statement was hanging as precariously as John Cleese in A Fish Called Wanda (who also sounded pretty sincere in apology). But, it shows some modest progress: there’s a limit to insulting gay people, and for that matter, reasonable people who recognize that gay isn’t deviant — and suggesting prison “makes people gay” is an insult. That said, there’s still quite a ways to go.

One thought on “And What About Fluoridation Of Water, Dr. Carson?

  1. Sort of an apology. To anyone who was offended by Dr. Carson’s poor choice of words. Dr. Carson’s statement appears to be a classic case of the man convinced against his will, meaning that he is of the same opinion still. He’ll just choose his words more carefully next time so that he doesn’t appear to be quite such a bigot.

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