So, Did Anyone Else Watch The Daily Show Yesterday?

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It wasn’t exactly funny: Judith Miller, in all her smug, unctuous glory, hawking a book I won’t read and copping an attitude I’ll never understand. The same attitude Rumsfeld has in the Errol Morris movie — not the slightest remorse, and even a bit of arrogance over, if not having pulled it off, having paid no price


If you can stand the extended interview…you’re a stronger person than me.

2 thoughts on “So, Did Anyone Else Watch The Daily Show Yesterday?

  1. I’d like to know why Michael Gordon, her partner in crime, still has a job with the Times.

    That said, I’ve been suspicious of her reporting ever since she co-wrote a book with Laurie Mylroie, who has, despite her academic credentials, been the wingnut’s wingnut for a long, long time. That book, which was written just eight years after the entire Reagan administration embraced Clare Sterling’s The Terror Network as definitive proof that all terrorism originated in Moscow, said that the seat of all terrorism in the world was Baghdad.

    The wingnuts–which includes Miller–apparently want us to believe that terrorism is a franchise that the Soviets sold to Saddam Hussein when the Berlin Wall came down (how convenient was that for the “we need a new enemy” foreign policy crowd?). What it does prove is that Miller is, and has been throughout her career, a rank propagandist for the neoconservatives. I still recall the article–after the war started–in which she was described as ordering around one of the teams searching for non-existent WMD, threatening the colonel in charge with dismissal because she knew Rumsfeld. She’s a dyed-in-the-wool whackaloon, not a reporter, and the enduring mystery is why the Times kept her on when that was readily apparent twenty-five years ago.

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