Album Cover Art Wednesday: My Fair Lady

My parents had a circa 1960-something stereo console thing. It looked more like a bookcase or china hutch than a record player. The sound wasn’t all that great but it did have plenty of storage for records. I recall this LP being played quite often by my Mom:


Pondering this album cover was how I learned about George Bernard Shaw, which inspired me to read his plays and I’m a fan to this day. As far as movies go, I prefer the 1938 Leslie Howard-Wendy Hiller version of Pygmalion to the Rex-Audrey My Fair Lady. Even as a child I had a hunch that Ms. Hepburn was lip-syncing. Anyway, here’s the cover for the film version:


Here’s the original broadway cast LP in the playlist format:


2 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: My Fair Lady

  1. Wendy Cohen says:

    The Broadway cover has got to be Hirshfeld.

  2. pansypoo says:

    everybody lipsinced.NPR had audrey singing + its a shame they did not use it. hollywood.

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