GOP Fanboyz And Their Object Of Worship

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So, asked to name their favorite LIVING president, several candidates seeking the GOP nomination promptly answered Ronaldus-he-who-strode-this-earth-without-sin-Magnus…but who is without a doubt no longer alive. To be fair, “living” does make things more challenging, reducing the effective choice to (presumably) Poppy or Junior, i.e., he-who-committed-the-cardinal-sin/apostasy-of-raising-taxes and he-who-must-in-no-circumstances-ever-be-named (who?–no…never heard of him). Maybe they misheard the question, as Jeb/Heb now insists for his recent Iraq War faceplant, or perhaps they were thinking something like greatest-in-their-lifetime…whatever.

But maybe it also tells us something significant: asked what IS a challenging question, the kind of difficult question or decision a chief executive will face, a decision between…Poppy and Junior…turd sausage or shit sandwich…they retreat headlong into the cozy but false comfort of idolatry. Ah, the warm, fuzzy, good old days of the sainted Ronnie, whose reality is not exactly keeping with the bullshit mountain of mythology these same candidates helped build him into.

And that…speaks volumes.

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