Quote Of The Day: Absurdist Edition

Politico ran one of the least surprising political stories ever last week: everybody in Washington hates David Vitter. Hell, I’ve hated him for years. His lead in the polls in the 2015 Gret Stet Goober race isn’t based on likability either, which you would never know from the headline on a piece by Gregory Roberts in the Advocate: Vitter on top in state polls, under fire in Washington.

That headline is silly BUT this quote belongs in the absurdist hall of fame:

It could be that is just the way Vitter is: a stickler for the rules, even if that makes him a contrarian. Everyone’s high school class included at least one kid like that.

A stickler for the rules? The David Vitter who’s best known for a prostitution scandal? David Vitter who I call Diaper Dave and others call the Sinator? Vitter is more like the tattletale who feigns innocence and lets his buddies take the fall when he’s caught than a contrarian. In short, he’s the consummate hypocrite; something one would hope that Roberts, who is the Advocate’s DC bureau chief, would be well aware of.

There’s an old school term for sanctimonious hypocrites like Bitter Vitter: psalm-singing son of a bitch. There are a lot of them around, pretending to be conviction politicians. I wish the MSM would stop falling for their absurd nonsense, but that’s unlikely. They feel obliged to treat the David Vitters of the world as serious people instead of what they really are: players in the theatre of the absurd.

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