Fool Me…Won’t Get Fooled Again

From Album4

Wow…just…wow…the degree of self-delusion. Hell, at least the Pistols admitted it was all a big farce — though one that’s aged a lot better than the shit-burger served up by Team Junior and Dick, along with their waitstaff Judith, David, et al.

The half-assed defense of “but Kerry and Clinton voted for it, too” is just icing on the cake. Do they really think we’ve forgotten, the obvious lying, the smug expressions of contempt for anyone who suggested, one, there simply weren’t any WMDs (even as they admitted it was “just a convenient excuse”), and two, who considered the long term policy ramifications of shattering a very fragile “nation” glued together as a post WWI convenience and primed to fall apart…as we’re seeing right now, and will be paying for, one way or another, for a long time. Christ.

In any reasonable world where accountability actually meant anything, the likes of David Brooks — not to mention Cheney, Wolfowitz, Shrub, and all the rest, would, at the very least, find themselves exiled to some far off, distant, frozen wasteland to live our their remaining years in abject humiliation and contempt, a testament to the consequences of massively lethal fraud…