Walker: “Just A Cool Thing”

From Album 5

And hey, who’d disagree with hep cat Scott Walker’s definition of cool? Well…me. I think it’s pretty creepy:

Potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) said in an interview on Friday that mandatory ultrasounds for women hoping to get an abortion was “just a cool thing.”

No. It’s not.

One thought on “Walker: “Just A Cool Thing”

  1. First, he had to prove his anti-union cred, then he had to show his tax cuts for rich people/austerity for everyone else bona fides. Then he had to show that he was loyal to his political cronies by restructuring the economic development council so that scarce state money was spent on them.

    Now, he’s out to prove his culture war chops. To cover all the bases, all he needs to do to demonstrate his Presidential mettle to the rabid Republicans is to order the Wisconsin Air National Guard to bomb Iran.

    And to think that we used to believe that Reagan was about as low as the nation could go. I guess Little Boots showed that we can go a lot lower, and as a consequence, the fakes, feebs and fools are coming out of the woodwork.

    It’s now a race to see if Walker can get to the 2016 Repug convention without being indicted or a mob burning down the governor’s mansion with him in it.

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