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This post at Hullabaloo is worth reading in full if you haven’t already — as is this ten page .pdf — but if you’re short on time and haven’t yet taken a look, here’s the last paragraph:

The author of this article goes through the possible list of decision makers and comes up with this theory by process of elimination: Abstract.In May 2003 Paul Bremer issued CPA Orders to exclude from the new Iraq government members of the Baath Party (CPA Order 1) and to disband the Iraqi Army (CPA Order 2). These two orders severely undermined the capacity of the occupying forces to maintain security and continue the ordinary functioning of the Iraq government. The decisions reversed previous National Security Council judgments and were made over the objections of high ranking military and intelligence officers.

The article concludes that the most likely decision maker was the Vice President.

Would anyone be surprised to learn that Dick Cheney was instrumental in the creation of ISIS?

That’s right. Perhaps the one thing there’s general agreement on, that excluding Baathists from the new Iraqi government and disbanding the Iraqi Army in 2003 were epically awful decisions, was the handiwork of Dick. Cheney. The same Dick Cheney slithering his way back if not into the spotlight, into a position of influence within the GOP. The Dick Cheney who thinks of himself as some sort of Darth Vader. He’s no prince of darkness. He’s Bozo the fucking clown, though that’s unfair to Bozo, who, as far as I know, never made one of the worst business decisions ever, never violated a basic if not the basic rule of hunting safety — identify your target before pulling the trigger…and never made THE most colossally stupid decision on top of an already dumb decision, the invasion of Iraq in the first place. Dick.

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  1. Golly, if only there was some way a professional journalist could gain access to Dick Cheney and ask him about the disastrous de-Baathification program in Iraq, and its sequelae. Sadly, we are hamstrung by the fact that professional journalists no longer talk to our present or former governmental leaders, who are available only to a select class of toadies and sycophants. And those folks would sooner gnaw off their right arm than ask a pointed question.

  2. In the past, I’ve always described Cheney as crafty, or clever, but not a smart man, and people look at me like I just shit on their petunias. But, his entire record is one of major-league fuck-ups masquerading as policy. And this is just a textbook explanation for what I meant.

    He’s no drooling idiot like Looney Louie Gohmert, but, he’s not a bright man. He’s not even a convincing liar. I’m betting he’d score very, very high on the Dunning-Kruger survey.

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