The Way They Weren’t

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Ah, misty water-colored-revisionist-known-unknowns-memories from the snowflake king himself…and if you take away snow and add dangerously-deranged to flake you’ve got a description of the man himself.

I think Rumsfeld is just smart enough to realize his legacy — all anyone really has, in the end — is, without some significant spin, somewhere between down-the-toilet and whale-shit-at-the-bottom-of-the-ocean. So he’s trying to piece together his own before the clock winds down. Unfortunately for Rumsfeld, there’s a little thing called the internet, not to mention numerous archives demonstrating his complicity if not wholehearted and enthusiastic participation in the policy equivalent of not just stepping in a giant pile of shit, but proceeding to roll around, smear it all over, and generally insist it was the greatest thing ever — no, really!

And…you know, I don’t know what’s worse — the sheer cynicism of exploiting a horrific tragedy for ultimately the shallowest of political gains — or an equally shallow naïvete that a few painted schools plus some sham elections would reverse generations of Western all-for-oil policy cloddishness in the region. That takes a special blend of stupid and ugly…

2 thoughts on “The Way They Weren’t

  1. The Desmond Morris interview of him is telling. His refusal to be pinned down on anything bordered on pathological. Moreover, that he thinks being slippery is the same thing as being smart is pathological.

    In a way, I see Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Wolfowitz and crew as akin to Perry Smith and Richard Hickock, and what psychologists said about them: individually, they were incapable of the Clutter murders, but, together, they were destined to carry them out. It was inevitable that all these people, all defined by the phrase, clever but not smart, would carry out atrocities. Their individual personality deficiencies caused them to mutually reinforce the bad behavior of the others.

    It comes as no surprise that Rummy has a monstrous ego and that his mission in life now is to protect that ego. The only countervailing force to that would be trying him for war crimes. Since that will never happen, and because the press seems determined to give him a soapbox, we will have to live with his ongoing efforts to rewrite his rather tawdry history.

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