Well…So Much For That Idea, Mr. LaPierre

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Because once again, the proverbial good guy with a gun wasn’t in place, armed and aiming, when the bad guy began shooting. Because that’s how tragedies like this occur in the real world, not Wayne LaPierre’s churlish, puerile fantasyland.

Unfortunately, this latest example of the effect from LaPierre and the other gun nuts’ cause is no more likely to bring about any meaningful change than any of the other horrors resulting from full-on gun fetishization. Hell, if the cold blooded gunning down of schoolchildren can’t shame the gun fondlers, killing folks attending a Bible study class isn’t any likely to either…though in any sane world, all the talk about good guys with guns saving the day would be dismissed as Easter Bunny-level of childish fantasy, unsuited for people who’ve done at least a modest amount of growing up.

2 thoughts on “Well…So Much For That Idea, Mr. LaPierre

  1. It won’t stop until an enraged gun-nut goes on a major shooting rampage in NRA HQ.

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