He’s Definitely No Jack Kennedy

From Album 5

And despite the picture, he’s not even Vaughn Meader…but like Jamelle Bouie says, he is the GOP base, or at least speaks their angry, petty, vindictive, racist language.

Well…you reap what you sow.

And for a generation now, the “party” has cultivated just the right mix of toxins to produce people like, say, Steve King, newly minted tag team buddies Paul LaPage and Chris Christie…and The Donald. Oh, he’ll never actually get to make the White House “classy” (“Trump Capital City Resort and Casino”?) but he’s more than capable of stinking up the joint with the rhetorical over-the-top-junk-food that’s the daily fare of average true believer wingnuts.

The plastic two-liter Diet Mountain Dew of candidates…