Reince Priebus Feeds a Troll

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If you haven’t yet seen it, and can devote a the half hour or so, you really should grit your teeth and try to stomach this jaw dropping trainwreck of an interview with The Donald. Whether it was the reason for the panic, or just one more contribution, it got Reince on the phone, if not on his knees, to beg Trump to tone it down…which, one can hope, will have the same effect as tossing chum to a shark.

So…seriously, watch it if you can, if only for the historical/anthropological context. Trump is the triple distilled and undiluted Everclear diesel of the raging wingnut id…the ultimate crazy, condescending, obnoxious uncle who gets drunk at Thanksgiving and decides to tell you what he REALLY thinks…and he’s got enough money plus an instinct for publicity to remain in the public eye for as long as he wants. Which might might please the party base, but is definitely toxic to the larger brand. How toxic? Well, toxic enough for Bill Kristol to gleefully jump on the bandwagon.

Speaking of trainwrecks, I never thought I’d paraphrase human time bomb Bob Knight, but…”I was worried about losing until I looked down the floor and saw Bill Kristol. Then I knew we had a chance.”

That said, I’ll concede Trump one point — he dismissed George Will as “boring.” Hey, something I can agree with. But the rest…wow, I really couldn’t turn away. And I usually can’t stand having to listen to wingnut nonsense.

3 thoughts on “Reince Priebus Feeds a Troll

  1. Saw the interview. It was the funniest thing I’ve seen since the heyday of Monty Pyhton. Trump should establish the ministry of silly hair. Great image, my friend.

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