Tinfoil Hat Time

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Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I hear the term Jade Helm, I think of old Jesse. Sure, he has an “s” at the end of his name, but close enough, and besides, I doubt consistent spelling is much of a priority among his kind of people…who happen to occupy not only large swaths of territory where the Jade Helm exercise is planned, but also plenty of political offices in the Gret Stet of Texas, where the only thing they hate worse than libruls is…the military?

To be fair, I’d probably not much like having to detour around areas cordoned off by tanks, personnel carriers, and so on, but…they’re the ones who insist “small government” is synonymous with big military. And no, the government is not conspiring to steal the local Wal-Marts and Sam’s Clubs…likely the opposite, since I doubt they’ll be setting up any meaningful PX(s) in the training areas. So, hope they enjoy a small taste of the kind of “freedom” that comes with a sustained military presence…sort of a small scale version of what they insist is good for “those people” over there…

2 thoughts on “Tinfoil Hat Time

  1. This is getting so much air time on the news here. Last night they found a sane retired military guy and an insane one and gave them airtime about what it all means.
    Greg Abbott having the national guard ‘monitor’ the military just feeds into their bullshit, and when nothing happens, he will take credit for keeping the military in check and keeping Texas safe.
    My actual only worry here is the civilians that are ‘keeping an eye on’ the exercise. I worry one of the dumbass rednecks will fire at/kill one of our military and all hell breaks loose.

  2. The military ran multi-service exercises every summer across the Southwest, until they were suspended in the mid-`90s because the cost didn’t justify the benefits, and no one got excited about it. What’s different from then to now? According to no small percentage of loonies in the country, there’s an Islamofascist socialist communist in the White House.

    In a way, the loonies’ outrage at the military operating in nominally civilian areas has obscured the larger meaning of this exercise, which is that the military is probably planning on yet another misbegotten war in the Middle East and want to train in similar terrain (and in close proximity to the Nellis gunnery range in Nevada), and with civilian populations around.

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