But It’s Got To Be THEIR Jesus

From Album 5

That’s to say, not some librul squish, but…Christ the Redeemer Neo-Con Patriarch, emphasis on Patria…tough, manly, self-reliant, skilled with firearms and other weapons, and against affirmative action, quotas, and especially against “those people…”

In other words, Christianity as Tribal Totem.

This reminds me of when scientists offered a realistic concept of what Jesus might have looked like, based on forensic and other evidence from first century Palestine. Some threw a big old hissy fit, insisting THEIR Jesus was the very Europeanish image you get from portraits like this…oddly, a somewhat hippie-ish looking figure who, from the looks of it, is exactly the sort of librul squish they reject…

3 thoughts on “But It’s Got To Be THEIR Jesus

  1. How was this not already posted?


    The first time I heard this song was in the same week I was proselytized to by a friend, a new convert who insisted that her Jesus (or as I like to think of it: iJesus) would forgive her anything, any sin. Even if she went out and killed her POS ex-husband iJesus would forgive her so long as she prayed on it (close to an exact quote).

    We all get the God we want, I guess. Not the God we deserve.

  2. Yeah, too bad for those christianists, what with the 2nd coming a few years back.

    Can you really blame the Israelis for snatching up that swarthy radical lefty Palestinian? But killing him under torture in a Palestinian Hanging was just a bit too old-school, even for them.

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