Trump And The Seven Dweebs

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Guess I arbitrarily axed a few “contenders” — hey, just like Faux did with their polling data! — well, that and since Snow White only had seven minions…anyway, it took me a second to remember who I dumped besides Kasich (Rand Paul…what the hell, the Koch’s dumped him too).

Am also wondering about appropriate names. Hmmm…Creepy, Sleazy, Grumpy, Angry, Dopey…ok, that covers Trump, what about the rest? Actually, as Krugman and others point out, what applies to The Donald could just as easily describe any of the anointed candidates. Trump’s a feature, not a bug…doesn’t make him any less of a lunatic, but it does demonstrate pretty clearly just how crazy (Crazy — another name) the GOP has become…Creepy, Sleazy, Grumpy, Angry, Dopey, Crazy…and Sarah Palin.

So…hope to connect with y’all this evening, right here and on this channel. I’ll be playing some sort of drinking game…or maybe just tying one on to dull the pain of realizing that, goddamn, one of these nuts might actually have a chance.

2 thoughts on “Trump And The Seven Dweebs

  1. Though I won’t be in the crack van (don’t have The Cable), I look forward to reading tonight’s dispatches from the van.

    At the end of tonight’s debate, er, “debate,” I envision the van’s occupants tumbling out like Jeff Spicoli, et al., in the Ridgemont parking lot.

    Remember, there will be a “full crowd at the food line,” so plan accordingly.

    Too bad Mr. Hand is not available to moderate the debate.

    “‘I don’t know.’ That’s nice. ‘Mr. Hand, will I get the nomination?’ ‘Gee, Mr. [Candidate], I DON’T KNOW.'”

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