Ted’s Gambit

From Album 5

So, Tailgunner Ted, according to the Daily Beast, is looking to revive his otherwise moribund campaign by … well, call it whatever: hooking up to The Donald’s juice, stealing his thunder (or fire) … or just thoroughly kissing his ass. Take your pick. It’s unlikely to help all that much. Cruz was, is, and always will be an erratic and uncontrollable monster.

Meanwhile, Matt Taibbi has his thoughts on the clown-car-train-wreck that is the Repug nominating process (it’s still worrisome as all hell that whoever emerges from this mother-of-all-slag-heaps stands at least some chance of sitting in the Oval Office with a briefcase full of launch codes)…anyway, after reading, I’m thinking…damn: Ship-of-Fools-meets-Looney -Tunes-meets-butter-sculpture-then-deep-fried-Beavis-and-Butthead…on a stick.

Chili fritos look nutritious and well-balanced in comparison.

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  1. “So, whose brain did I put in?”

    “Abbie. Abbie Something.”

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