Romneybot To Save The GOP Bacon?

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Well, no, of course not — there’s no chance in hell or on earth that Mitt will be back — but that the Romneyshambles 2012 (beta version) is even being mentioned would in a normal political landscape be the reddest of red flags signaling a train wreck for the ages. Duh.

But of course, the “story” that has the Washington insiders swooning on the fainting couch and reaching for the smelling salts is … the nothingburger Hillary Clinton’s email non-scandal (the scattershot aspect of the “revelations” should tell you everything you need to now about that, i.e., Clinton Rules writ large: oooh, she’s exposed classified information, but she deleted items so we can’t see, ooh, it’s personal information, but it’s national security information…Huma Abedin!…gelfite fish!…oh my!), but I digress.

Anyway…just a thought, but suppose the tables were reversed: let’s say, oh, I don’t know, it’s not an exact fit, but let’s say someone like Jeff Bezos was sucking up all the oxygen as a Democratic candidate for president (while going full bore Libertarian) to the extent that old guards waxed nostalgic for one of their own…like Dick Gephardt, or — god, please no — Joe Lieberman. You can bet the screaming 96 point type headlines would be something like “Democrat [sic] Party’s Epic Failure” to the exclusion of anything else. But…IOKIYAR, and…Benghazi…and heaven help us if there’s an email about that in the next batch that gets released…

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