90 Percent Funded! One Week to Go!

UPDATE: You all have been incredible! Our Kickstarter for the First Draft Anthology is 90 percent funded, and we have 8 more days to get this thing done. Just ten more backers, ten more copies, and this book will be a reality. I can’t wait to share it with you all. Thanks so much!

So back when we turned 10 last year, we mentioned putting together a Best Of collection, a Greatest Hits album but with lots more political crack. It took me a year to get off my ass to get it done, but it’s almost here, and we’re taking pre-orders at Kickstarter for it!

This book collects some of our best stories from the past 10 years: Bush’s re-election and subsequent implosion, Scout’s reporting from NOLA after Hurricane Katrina, Holden’s story about Terri Schiavo and his sister, my final Galactica thread, the Freepi obsession the morning after Obama’s election, a malaka or two, and Jude’s gumbo recipe.

The book itself is almost done. It’s 230 pages, sans introduction, and we are only offering one reward for this Kickstarter, which is a copy of it. The funds will cover the final editing, printing and shipping, as well as our usual First Draft overhead for which we generally run a fundraiser around this time.

Use it as a keepsake to remember the crazy by. Use it to remember what we’ve survived, and how important early political blogging was in keeping our sanity. Use it to teach people who can’t remember how nuts that time was what it felt like on the inside, day to day.


Consider supporting us if you can. We don’t run ads on this site, we don’t hit you up more than once a year, and there’s only one reward for this Kickstarter: A copy of the book, because that’s the best of the best we have to offer. Thank you so much for supporting First Draft over the years, and we hope to do this again next decade!


10 thoughts on “90 Percent Funded! One Week to Go!

  1. dartkids says:

    As people of the human race we should love and support others through the time of trouble.

  2. leinie says:

    I’m hoping for some crack van transcripts. Love this idea, A. Pledge made.

  3. docphd says:

    I’m in. I love this place…

  4. Aaaargh says:

    I don’t always pledge allegiance but I’ll pledge to this.

  5. joel hanes SP4 says:

    I pledged, but I left out the words “under God”.

    • Tommy T says:

      Joel – just out of curiosity, does the “SP4” in your handle stand for “Supressive Person (level) 4”?
      (old alt.religion.scientology term)

      • Tommy T says:

        Never mind – just found out that it does, and that you are a member of that esteemed group of Kobrinogram recipients (as I was, myself – I simply forwarded Ava Paquette’s email to hotmail “abuse” and marked the sender as spam).

        From the old days…


      • joel hanes says:

        Yes, I was a Suppressive Person 4th ; I suppose I still am.

        Still have the Dennis Erlich T-shirt.

        I still see Mirele commenting here and there on the Web.

        It it looks to me as if the seeds we planted twenty years ago are bearing fruit, and the criminal cult is gradually being exposed and losing its celebrity lifeblood.

  6. muddy says:

    Is there a way to make a pledge on Kickstarter that does not require a credit card?

    • Unfortunately, muddy, looks like no. I checked over their payment FAQ — they used to take Amazon Checkout, which was its own clusterfuck sometimes — but it looks like CC is it for them for now.

      Once the book is out we’ll have it available a bunch of different ways including by Paypal or Gumroad or something like that.


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