And The MacArthur Genius Doofus Award Goes To…

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Kevin McCarthy. Congratulations, Kevin. You can pull your foot out of your mouth whenever you want.

But…notice how NPR frames the Democratic reaction

…when McCarthy made his comments on Fox, Democrats in Congress and beyond were quick to pounce.

Hmmm…as if the Democrats were turning this into a political cat fight.

Now, imagine the GOP response if, say, Nancy Pelosi admitted that “the longest special congressional investigation in history” was primarily a means to attack…well, I was trying to think of a Republican equivalent, but since there are none, let’s maybe go with…Carly Fiorina…why not? Anyway, you could expect the howling to be…extreme…and I doubt any news organization would describe it as “quick to pounce.”

Reminds me of what I think I first read at Driftglass. Something about how Dick Cheney could get caught red handed throwing puppies into traffic, and first reaction you’d get from Cokie Roberts (et al) would be, “but the Democrats…”

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