Too Roger Stoned

Roger Stone still has Tricky Dick’s back.

Nixon fan, conspiracy theorist, and former Trump adviser Roger Stone has been uncharacteristically quiet of late. That ended during the fantasy draft edition of the GOP debate on CNBC. Stone hit the Tweeter Tube and lashed out at cranky Ohio Governor John Kasich after Kasich said he was against legal weed:

Kasich and his bossĀ on the Bicentennial Honky Reagan campaign thought this was harsher than stems and seeds, man:

Kasich’s campaign told on Wednesday night that Kasich’s supervisor on Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign was Charlie Black, not Stone.

Black told the website that Kasich “was very diligent.”

“This is the first time I ever heard anyone mention drugs in connection with John Kasich. He was not fired. He certainly was not fired for drugs,” Black told

Stone is standing by his story. Of course he is, it got him attention. The dude taught the Insult Comedian everything he knows about spin. More importantly, it allowed me to make a Robin Trower pun in the title and post this live clip:

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  1. Wait, there’s a rock song about marijuana? Well, at least blues, jazz and folk are drug-free.

    Also, due to overwhelming work (and unforeseen personal) demands, I blew it and failed to kick in before the Kickstarter deadline. Can I still order the book?

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