Tis the (War on Christmas) Season

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Here we go again

The culture wars have come to disposable paper Starbucks cups.

Americans fighting over what is printed on a coffee cup designed by a billion-dollar company to promote conformity sounds like cold German satire: While the world rages on and problems like starvation, a massive refugee crisis, and homelessness remain unfixed, people in America — including an American presidential candidate — are arguing over a red beverage container.
But there’s nothing satirical about this.

The conflict over this dumb cup is so passionate that the original version of a viral “Starbucks’ War on Christmas” video has more than 14 million views. It’s also an unflinchingly real slice of American internet culture and the outrage machine that fuels it.

Wow. They sure do love to play the victim, to the point where this nonsense has become pretty much a regular feature every holiday season. Almost a cottage industry…

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  1. So long as that industrial cottage is one from a Thos. Kinkade painting I think we are good here.

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