Who Needs Facts When Myths Will Do?

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If you haven’t already seen it, Matt Taibbi looks at what happens when an entire generation or so buys into “facts are stupid things,” an-empire-versus-the-reality-based-community, Sarah Palin as somehow qualified to run for high office, etc., … and now the traveling clown show that is the 2016 Republican presidential campaign. Take a look if you’d like an easy read before or after a holiday nap or if you need a break from whatever is happening where you are.

Otherwise…I guess reflecting on today’s celebration, I feel thankful that despite my conservative parents, I never bought into the mythology, and at my relatively advanced age I’m beginning to understand why.

Have a Happy Holiday.

One thought on “Who Needs Facts When Myths Will Do?

  1. Different story, the photo of Trump needs a bone in his mouth.

    And a tail.

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