Nothing Burger, Redux

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So, I guess it’s time for full throttle hissy fits and the wide-open-goes-to-eleven puke funnel.

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter relied on a personal email account to conduct a portion of his government business during his first months at the Pentagon, according to White House and Defense Department officials and copies of Mr. Carter’s emails obtained by The New York Times. 

Was this, well, stupid? Yes, it was. Does it mean…the end of life as we know it? No, but you can bet the usual suspects will insist, I’m sure more in sorrow than in anger, and certainly not at all as partisan hacks, no, no siree, that…Ash Carter “just doesn’t care about ending life as we know it.” Shit.

Let’s see: this will be bad news for Hillary Clinton, because, you know, email, Benghazi!, and Cokie’s Law, etc., apologies will be issued, calls for investigations will be proclaimed (preferably ones that linger on into the general election campaign), lather, rinse, repeat…hurl.

Not that this would happen — unfortunately — but I’d bet the Obama administration could put a pretty quick stop to this by calling for a general investigation of all email use by public officials…including Congress. Does anyone really think those waxing piously haven’t from time to time dashed off a quick note from a personal email account — or sent a text message from a smart phone? Hell, Jason Chaffetz lists a Gmail address on his business card.

Again, was this dumb? You bet. Does it happen? Probably all the time. But you can bet this nothing burger will be served up with all the nothing sides and nothing fixings, because, well…that’s how they roll. Bon appetit.

2 thoughts on “Nothing Burger, Redux

  1. Oh, please no.

    As a sysadmin, I just barely made it through the last one, with everyone and their mother becoming an instant security expert, at least in the ‘well, i watched a movie once and it appeared very difficult for the protagonist to fly around the circuitry of government computers and such.’

  2. I also find it ironic that many of the same folks complain that ISIS/ISIL’s emails can’t be viewed…and I seriously doubt they’re doing much more than basic encryption over public email servers…that is, if they’re not relying on service provider encryption. And lord help us if any of these clowns figures out how to use a packet sniffer…

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