OK, One Possible Word of the Year

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Adding my own .00002 cents worth to Adrastos’ post, and going from Headline of the Day to a possible candidate for word of the year, I nominate “classy,” as in, “who knew 2015 would end on such a classy note?”

Anyway, we know that the effect this will have on The Donald’s supporters is…nothing. Hell, at this point, Trump is virtually bulletproof when it comes to his base…which happens to be the GOP base…in other words, a kind of downward spiral symbiosis between the core and the candidate. They deserve each other.

And, while I agree with everyone else that another potential word of the year nominee would define Trump’s candidacy, at least for the GOP — “disaster” — it is at least a little scary to consider that same disaster if, god forbid, the cards and stars somehow lined up.

So…otherwise, hope your 2016 is NOT a disaster, but…classy, in whatever way that means for you. Cheers!

One thought on “OK, One Possible Word of the Year

  1. I like this classy idea. Classy already is a ridiculous word used to describe gold plated toilet seats. Unlike useful words like “epic”, which until two years ago had a legitimate and specific meaning related to literature and theatre, classy is already divorced from any meaning of relative value. Plus its a pretty easy word to use when sliming others. Real classy, huh?

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