The Professional Troll Versus The Cowardly Lion

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OK, one less freak for tonight’s train wreck, assuming neither side backs down or blinks…aw…and here’s hoping the hissy fit continues. If your enemy is sinking, throw them an anvil.

Meanwhile, the GOP base continues to demonstrate that a generation’s worth of boorish rhetoric/propaganda produces…a generation that believes in boorish rhetoric and propaganda. A base that actually believes a peanut gallery clown like the Trump Troll possesses “testicular fortitude.” To cite a technical term, that’s, um, fucked up, dude.

More seriously, while difficult to imagine, think about what sort of reaction we’d see, especially from the corporate media if the situation were reversed. What if a Democratic Candidate who’s only experience was some form of celebrity managed to bully their way to at least a plurality of support heading into a national presidential election? Crazy/completely nuts would be the most charitable description…

3 thoughts on “The Professional Troll Versus The Cowardly Lion

  1. Trump and Ailes are duking it out in the center of the ring, it’s fist and fury! But wait . . . who’s that coming to ringside? It’s Megyn Kelly! Trump is distracted for a moment to yell at Kelly and, ooooh! Ailes pastes him with a double-leg drop kick right into the ropes! Trump’s tangled up, and Kelly’s adding insult to injury taunting and laughing at him. The referee is trying to help Trump get out of the ropes, but Ailes isn’t letting up! The ref has to elbow Ailes out of the way, and gets suplexed for his trouble. It’s all breaking down!

    Is that? From under the ring! It’s Blotchy Bill O’Reilly! He grabs a folding chair right out from under a fan, and now he’s getting in the ring! Kelly tries to block Blotchy Bill, but he shoves her rudely aside. Is that anyway to treat a lady? Okay, maybe it’s how you treat Kelly, but not a lady.

    Now Blotchy Bill has the chair and is measuring the helpless Trump, still in the ropes. But he pivots and brings down Ailes! My goodness, what’s happening?! Now Blotchy is getting Trump free from the ropes, but Trump is in pretty bad shape. Ailes looks to be out cold while Blotchy tries to revive the ref. He doesn’t notice that Megyn Kelly slipping into the ring. She’s going for the chair!

  2. Haha…almost went with a cage match theme/picture, but couldn’t find a decent initial photo to work with. On that note, Trump’s been on one of the big wrestling shows, the one with Vince McMahon…again, amazing that he can be taken seriously at all — IOKIYAR…

    And didn’t McMahon’s wife, or ex-wife, or sister run for a US Senate seat in Connecticut?

    Again, trying to imagine anything similar on the Democratic side…maybe if Alec Baldwin or Sean Penn showed interest in running for office…but there’d be no chance in hell of either getting any traction…

    1. Celebrity Deathmatch went off the air all too soon.

      Yes, Vince McMahon’s wife Linda, ran for the Senate in Connecticut. It went about as well as the campaign of that other businesswoman-turned-politician Carly Fiorina.

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