The Daddy Party

From Album 6

More like the Bratty Party. You’ve got the short fingered troll insisting that Tailgunner Ted is both the heir to Nixonian tactics (well) and about as popular and personable as Snidely Whiplash (also true)…

Schoolyard bully and Mr. Creosote doppelganger Chris Christie’s taken to calling Iowa caucus bronze medalist Marco Rubio the Bubble Boy…to be fair, I’ve thought Rubio vaguely resembles the Boy Wonder…maybe he’s got extra water on his utility belt…but one thing he lacks is an explanation for his rather creative financial history.

Jeb!’s just waiting for an appropriate moment to pack it in (Mission Accomplished!), and the others, including Kasich (regardless of how he finishes in New Hampshire), are statistical rounding errors.

In other words, these are your GOP’s final four…from hell. Well…maybe not Christie, but since he managed to bully his way into some coverage

They really do make Bush-Cheney seem almost…statesmanlike. Damn…no…goddamn.