Cletis Ate The Last Bag Of Cheetos

From Album 6

So it looks like the Oregon standoff is at long last coming to a conclusion, with the end game every bit as bizarre and incoherent as everything else that’s happened. I guess it’s only fitting that the last chapter began with Cliven Bundy’s arrival / subsequent arrest (wonder if he was going to regale us with his, um, theories) — and Michele Fiore‘s position as negotiator/go between.

Wow. Only in America…

4 thoughts on “Cletis Ate The Last Bag Of Cheetos

  1. I’m a little puzzled why Cliven Bundy flew into Portland. It’s about as long a drive to the Malheur Refuge from Portland as it is from many points in Nevada.

    Welcome to Portland, Mr. Bundy. Hope you enjoy your stay. I’ll wave to you from my office window. Look for the guy with the REALLY big smile.

    1. I’ve read that he was armed when arrested (unofficially – could just be rumor), which would mean he flew on a private plane. Maybe someone with a plane offered to fly him there? Which, if I remember my flying classes from a few decades ago, would mean they’d have to file a flight plan. And he announced beforehand that he was coming. So…. easy pickins.

  2. They did get one martyr out of the fiasco, and I suspect that was their game plan. Now, every beer-bellied yahoo in the country will think it’s their solemn duty to avenge the death of LaVoy Finicum. New recruits!

    Maybe I’d have more sympathy if they weren’t, under the skin, also raving white supremacists. Or, if they weren’t just greedy assholes (ranchers owe the government $2.50 per cow to graze on federal land when the going rate on private land is $20). Or, if they weren’t poster children for everything that’s wrong with the NRA. Or, if they weren’t just bitch-slap willfully ignorant of that Constitution they keep waving around. Or, fer gawds’ sake, if they weren’t there defending the right of their yahoo friends to trash the ecology of a wildlife preserve.

    Come to think of it, no sympathy, then.

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