Jeb!, The Tribe Has Spoken


And it’s saying you don’t even get their nod for, at best, third place. And not even a last ditch attempt to bear his teeth (or maybe something else) did much more than invite further ridicule.

In other words, Jeb!’s dead, Baby. Jeb!’s dead. The John Connolly or Phil Gramm of this cycle: all money, no substance…and few delegates. I’d say crash and burn, but that would suggest some sort of dramatic arc that never actually happened. No, Jeb! was more like a dud firecracker. You light but it doesn’t go off. Instead, it just kind of fizzles. To the point that Plan B for the establishment is…Marco Rubio. The Waterboy. Or is it Waterbot?

Anyway…and sorry to keep repeating this, but could you imagine if the Democratic Party had even a fraction of the sort of chaos we’re seeing on the wingnut side of the spectrum? The narrative would be brutal. Yet, with the GOP establishment pinning their hope on such an obvious minor leaguer while the base is torn between a reality show troll and a guy who’s so toxic his own colleagues in the Senate shun him…the press spin is that, yeah, sure, one of these offerings could well have the launch codes and a key to the executive washroom come next January.


2 thoughts on “Jeb!, The Tribe Has Spoken

  1. Consevatives will vote for the official candidate. It won’t matter which.
    Before Scalia, it was a fight they wanted to win. Now they have to.
    You know that, right?

  2. Up until relatively recently, the launch “codes” were eight zeroes. Collectively, the Republican field, being a bunch of zeroes themselves, would have had them down dead nuts.

    Aside from that, I am hoping this also means the effective end of fat little fuck Karl Rove, since he and Jebby have been plotting this run for ten years. Nothing would be more satisfying than to have Jebby’s political demise mean Rove’s, as well, that Rove’s mojo has gone missing. What could be sweeter than seeing Rove back to sweating his ass off trying to get some hamheaded corn-fed bowser elected to an Alabama backwater county commissioner’s job?

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