Newt Gingrich Polishes A Turd


Not that we needed more proof that Gingrich’s moral compass either never existed or lost its magnet decades ago:

Well, Callista and I were both very impressed. In that kind of a setting he talks in a relatively low tone. He is very much somebody who has been good at business. And he listens well … you read The Art of the Deal. And you follow that up by reading The Art of the Comeback … Here was a guy on the cover of Time magazine in 1989, who had the No. 1 best-selling business book in the 1980s, had the No. 1 television show … You are talking about a guy who was smart enough to build Trump Towers, build lots of hotels, build lots of casinos, and own the Miss Universe contest.

Wow. This guy would sell his own grandmother (or either/both ex-wives) to Somali pirates for the slightest chance of toadying up to political power … in the form of Donald Trump.  But, as I said, it’s not like further proof was needed of Gingrich’s preference for the low road. Which makes his endorsement of Trump totally sensible … professional courtesy.

5 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich Polishes A Turd

  1. Seems like everyone, to a person, has to say after meeting Trump “he’s really smart.”

    The only reason so many people feel like they have to say it is that it’s really not true. At all. Smart people don’t need to say how smart they are, smart people don’t constantly need other people to validate their intelligence. Moreover, smart people don’t interrupt presidential debates to talk about their penis size. They don’t call Belgium a city. They don’t claim to know the “best words.”

  2. I have wondered lately if Trump’s business meetings go at all like his public speaking does.

    There are 45 asides for every complete sentence – he has possibly caused all the grammar teachers in the nation to spontaneously combust by now – so there is no way that any single point could be negotiated in a meeting. Nothing that comes out of his mouth is concrete, so I don’t see how anyone in their right mind would agree to the vague notion of a deal when there’s money at stake. The only people who call him intelligent do so after seeing him in a personal, private setting, so we can reasonably assume that he sounds equally stupid in a corporate setting as he does in a public one.

    Do they lock the doors during meetings? Does everyone get a handful of Quaaludes to calm their rage over not being able to talk about the issues at hand like adults with dignity and self-respect?

  3. This is not unexpected, since Newticles began the trend that we now see has culminated in the phenomenon that is T.rump.

    Using Frank Luntz’s “word list” to define the two parties, throwing tantrums for the cameras at every possible moment, frequently citing his supposed intelligence to favorably compare himself with political opponents, and projecting all his own inadequacies onto others, Newticles is T.rump’s political godfather. He’s a blowhard, a bully, a phony with the soul of a con man… and a large pocket of trapped gas.

    It’s no wonder he’s taken with T.rump. Birds of a feather, and all that.

  4. Ginrich is a floater. …just when you think he’s gone…he drifts back from below.

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