Goofus and, um, Ted Cruz


So, The Donald’s finding out the adage about having a ground game/organization is true. He’s getting outworked for actual delegates by actual Ted Cruz, who’s so smarmy and weaselly he makes Gallant seem daring and edgy. Oh, speaking of Cruz…well, like the headline reads, click on it only if you’ve already eaten.

Meanwhile, it’s looking like the Republican Convention will be a must-not-see event for any number of party members…and Paul Ryan’s either maneuvering for more a coronation than nomination…or really, really, really doesn’t want the nod, and I guess you can’t blame him: right now it’s looks like the upcoming convention will be a cross between the Battle of Little Bighorn and the Hindenburg on final approach to Lakehurst.

Trainwrecks are quite a spectacle, though a lot less fun if you’re a passenger instead of a spectator…

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