It’ll Make Your Head Spin…Literally


Let’s start with former Wisconsin Senator Robert Kasten’s appearance on the Lawrence O’Donnell show (video link, starting at roughly 9:30). Wow. Kasten somehow managed to keep a straight face while insisting that the Donald already has large numbers of, in no particular order, Democratic, blue collar, and/or organized labor votes he can count on…because who are you going to believe, him or your lying eyes?

Meanwhile, competing with Kasten on the chutzpah front, Trump went Troll-With-A-Teleprompter in an attempt to “look presidential,” though…it came off more as a feeble rehash of Pat Buchanan’s 1992 cover version of the original America First Movement…

Ted Cruz launched what Adrastos called the human Hail Mary pass…sorry, Carly. That’ll fly about as well as calling a basketball, um, basket, a “ring.” To paraphrase a comment at the link, maybe he should stick to frying bacon on a machine gun barrel.

Oh, and Dennis Hastert, in addition to being a money launderer and “serial child molester,” is quite the hypocrite.

All in all, quite the day for the GOP…obviously not in a good way…but watch for this to mostly if not totally be forgotten in a few news cycles. On the other hand, if ANY of this had involved a Democrat…

So it goes.

2 thoughts on “It’ll Make Your Head Spin…Literally

  1. wake up. trump is working a reagan democrat/racist teabag coalition & there are more disappointed lower class than democrats think. WE CAN LOSE.

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