Ought To Be Interesting


So a grant summit convenes today, where Paul Ryan has to pretend that the chickenshit sandwich on the menu is, no, really, delicious chicken salad…I suppose The Donald will likewise display good behavior, which no doubt will make the media swoon for at least a cycle or two about the “new Trump” (the New Dick?) …rinse, repeat. Who knows? If he’s lucky, it might help bury his refusal to fess up on his income and/or taxes.

Meanwhile, surrogate Donald and would-be-made-man-if-not-low-rent-impersonator-of-Bob-Guccione Paul Manafort managed to confuse reality and reality television…a fairly common misconception for Trumpistas, but a pretty solid indication that…well, that’s why they’re Trumpistas.

Like Alex Pareene said…don’t blow this. Please.

2 thoughts on “Ought To Be Interesting

  1. Based on T.rump’s unfavorable rating from polls, I’m inclined to believe the general election will not go his way.

    That said, we’ve had election anomalies before based on the attraction of celebrities–Reagan’s election to the governorship of California comes to mind, as do the elections of Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger as governors of their respective states. And, as Alex Pareene suggests, there is that steely determination of Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory–too often, by emulating Republicans in the misbegotten attempt to attract Republican-leaning swing votes, and by taking their base for granted.

    If it winds up a contest between Clinton and T.rump, this may be the first election since favorable/unfavorable polling was first done that both candidates have noticeably large net unfavorable ratings, pretty much ensuring that a large percentage of the country is going to be unhappy with the results, no matter which way the election goes. Not a prescription for comity in the coming years.

  2. I’m not and will never be a big, big fan of HRC, but part of her dismal favorability ratings are the result of the now decades-long-and-still-ongoing smear campaign from the usual suspects/puke funnel. To be sure, she’s not blameless, but I try to balance my personal preferences with the realization that the other side stops at nothing.

    Hell, look at how many of them are willing to at least publicly consider an obvious clown like Trump. That’s not just playing with fire. That’s lighting greasy rags on fire and tossing them into an overstuffed fertilizer plant.

    Still…I’ve got to believe that, absent some major cock-up: economic meltdown, terrorist attack…both…or something that’s an actual scandal, Trump flames out come November. Or at least I sure as hell hope so. If not…damn.

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