Like Reliving The 1990s


Guess I could pull out the games I pirated onto floppy disks, look for an old Mac Quadra 605…and a boom box cassette deck (I was kind of late to adopt CDs — used to joke I thought they were a passing fad…didn’t realize…that was no joke)…because The Donald wants to relive if not re-litigate the 1990s. Or maybe like a cruder, orange-er version of Richards Viguerie and Scaife, he just wants to throw as much mud as his stubby-fingered- hands-can-clench-onto at the closest wall and see what sticks.

Get out you Alanis CDs and find yourself some Seinfeld re-runs because we’re gonna do the 90s Time Warp.

Or, as The Onion summed it up so appropriately, “Our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity.”

This, um, strategery,  will depend on whether the media acts like journalists…or stenographers. We saw what happened in the 1990s…here’s hoping history doesn’t repeat.

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