Teflon Donald?


Matt Yglesias says not really, and I’m inclined to agree with at least some of what he says…Trump is being (rightly) criticized, the criticism is sticking…

However, as plenty of people/pundits have already noted, this election, like most recent ones, has a polarized voter base…which means you’re not going to see the needle dramatically shift one way or another with any scandal du jour. Trump’s floor of support sits at around 40 percent, and that’s even after he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue (let’s hope we don’t get to find out if he was serious).

Yglesias argues Clinton’s own negatives are helping to drive the Teflon Donald narrative…maybe he’s right…however, and if this is a defense of HRC so be it: Clinton’s negatives are in no small part a function of the now decades-long smear campaign from the usual suspects/puke funnel strategery of throw-everything-including-the-filthiest-of-kitchen-sinks-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks.

I think the wingers are hoping they can generate something, anything that might make the Democrats panic. Yesterday I saw Hugh Hewitt furiously try to spin yet another email-non-scandal story on the Chris Hayes show. If nothing else, that (and whatever else they can spin out) diverts attention from the glaring fact that a large segment of their own base thinks a deranged, egomaniacal con man makes for appropriate presidential timbre. These people — the conservative base — won’t react to ANY revelations about Trump, because, well, they won’t. He really COULD shoot someone on Fifth Avenue.

Democrats need to ignore them. Instead, and while this won’t sell newspapers or generate many website views, but…they just need to get their own, not-crazy base out to the polls come election time, and not concern themselves with trying to win over the wingnuts…

2 thoughts on “Teflon Donald?

  1. Compared to Trump, Clinton has no negatives, the hoopla about the e-mails is getting on my last nerves, they really have nothing else against her apart from her husband’s affair which somehow she is being judged/ blamed for. The media decided a long time ago that Donald Trump was going to be President of America, the coverage of this election has been mostly about him, i lay it all at their door. When they eventually get their wish let’s hope everyone who thinks he is funny are still able to laugh.

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