I Hear Greenland’s Even Better In The Off Season — Fewer Tourists


While a lot of us, myself included, were mostly focused (with good reason) on other things, this bit of news kind of flew under the radar

Last Thursday, Greenland’s capital hit 75°F, which was hotter than New York City. This was the highest temperature ever recorded there in June — in a country covered with enough ice to raise sea levels more than 20 feet.

NASA reports that some parts of Greenland were 36°F (20°C) warmer than “normal” — and remember … the new “normal” is the 2001–2010 average, which means it already includes a century of human-caused warming.

I used to naïvely think the environment and climate were issues on which some sort of consensus could be reached: If nothing else, recreational fishing and hunting stand to be heavily impacted for the worse by global warming. Or, that even the lunatic wingnut fringe would show some concern for their grandkids. But…then again, the lunatic wingnut fringe, aka the Republican Party, just identified Donald Trump as the individual they consider most suitable for the highest political office of the most powerful country on earth.

In other words, their working principle apparently is “what’s posterity ever done for me?”

That said, I remain optimistic that something can and will be done…although there’s not a chance in hell, pun intentional, that it will be pain free.

And history will be quite a harsh judge…

2 thoughts on “I Hear Greenland’s Even Better In The Off Season — Fewer Tourists

  1. We’ve already missed the boat.

    The “something” that “will be done” is that the Four Horsemen will ride again, on a global scale, 50% of land fauna will go extinct, the human population will fall precipitously, and the survivors [if any] will muddle through, somehow.

    We were warned in plenty of time. We fiddled; the planet caught fire.

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