Neo Con Artist


So earlier this week we were treated to the revelation that The Donald’s been using his position as presumptive GOP nominee to do what he does best — grift — including funneling $35K to the amusingly named and for all practical purposes totally imaginary advertising firm “Draper Sterling” … which, on the one hand, as I said, is part and parcel to Trump’s real, um, talent … but also … kind of low ball, if you think of it. Only 35 thousand? Reminds me of a line from a different show

“I don’t mind a parasite. I object to a cut-rate one.”

That’s because we all found out this week that the Trump bandwagon is a more beat up, wheels missing Radio Flyer than anything resembling a modern presidential campaign, having unprecedentedly small amount of cash on hand at this stage of the game. Of course, the librul media, in an effort to maintain the fiction of objectivity not to mention the sale of advertisements and newspapers, probably in that order, either ignores this inconvenient fact or swallows whole absurd claims of fundraising prowess…well, the show — or at least the appearance of the show — must go on, right?

Sigh. November can’t get here soon enough…

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