My Hero


To add my .00002 cents worth to what Adrastos posted below…count me in with him and others who think Justice tNRBG is … wise and just. Sorry, but we’re long past the fainting couch and pearl clutching over what are entirely reasonable observations regarding the most manifestly unqualified individual to obtain a major political party nomination for president in my lifetime. Hell, Trump makes Agnew seem almost reasonable, Quayle almost seem presidential…and Bush Junior almost seem articulate and prudent (well, –video link).

Hell, just this past week not five blocks away from my small house in an otherwise sleepy backwater town we had the police engage in at a fairly realistic simulation if not actual exercise in military tactics (here’s the alleged reason — one thrown “brick”). Demonstrators and participants at the Republican convention in Cleveland are discussing the pros and cons of carrying firearms…WTF?

For way too long we’ve been living with the consequences of the Republican Party in fear of a voter base that decided their ideal leader was Donald J. Trump. And they’re still too scared to recognize that, after generations of toxic rhetoric and a political press that’s abandoned journalistic ethics in favor of alleged”objectivity” nonsense  (“opinions differ on the shape of they earth”) … the lunatics who’ve been fed a diet of horseshit and sewer water (with sides of guns and hatred) are now insisting that this same diet be … the national vision.

Justice Ginsburg is simply pointing out the obvious. Trump’s a nut.

Oh, and the “real” ‘Merikuns who think he’s the icing on the cake? Well, they’re no more “real” than the rest of us who agree with Justice tNRBG. And guess what? We outnumber them, and come November, we’ll outvote them.