Orange Is The New Black Nixon … Dick


Yeah, I’ve cited that wily old German before, but damn if he’s not right about history repeating itself as farce with The Donald’s genuinely weird and pathetic pubic appeal for Putin’s Russia to come up with some sort of amalgam of Anna Chennault and The Plumbers…though as is usually the case with Trump, there’s an element of high school if not middle school insult/name calling.

I think the Yippies would be embarrassed by Trump’s performance-art-as-political-campaign, and last night’s Democratic Convention delivered the disdain he, pun intentional, so…richly…deserves.

Hell, even the Trickster would be put off. Sure, he was evil enough to slither his way into election/re-election by hook, crook, break-in, bug, ratfuck (or failure to mention his wife at all in his maudlin farewell-though-not-quite-as-farewell-as-we-would-have-liked-address)…but even Dick had, if not scruples, enough brain cells to limit his public tantrums to mostly press-bashing.

Of course, this being 2016, and with Hitlery Hatred at fever swamp levels, I doubt The Donald sees what in normal circumstances would be an almost audible pitch of supporters stampeding away in droves…but let’s hope it wipes away his convention bounce (that had me a little surprised, I’ll be honest).

On the other hand, my surprise is coupled with concern: after all, Dick Nixon won…twice…but I’ve gotta hope the voting public is either different enough to keep that from happening again…or that we do have an absolute bottom below which even Nixon voters won’t go…