Froggy Went Assaulting


“Mr. Ailes will see you now.”

Late last week another allegation surfaced against now-former Faux News chair (and potential Trump campaign advisor) Roger Ailes…an allegation that goes beyond verbal abuse/harassment to sexual assault. And, just plain creepy behavior from Ailes…no, wait, not plain creepy, but really ugly. More details at the link.

Meanwhile, yesterday, the NY Times broke the f-bomb barrier, at least in not censoring the audio on this clip of Trump supporters (and, just saying, likely Faux viewers)…I bring this up because I think Ailes and these crowds are part and parcel…at once adolescent and creepy, but vicious and potentially-when-not-actually violent…the embodiment of a mind set that…well, damn, if I thought like that — and thank heavens I don’t — I’d quite likely be a sexist, paranoid, gun-carrying, potential if not actual predator with quite a warped view of the world we live in. A point of view that would be justified by … Faux News and one that would defend the sort of shocking actions you see on the Times tape and, if true, from Ailes himself.