Ah, Back In The Headlines Again


Though, to be fair, I don’t recall Boss Tweed ever being such an abject boot licker.

Anyway, the latest on Bridgegate might not be blockbuster, but it’s eye opening…not in itself meeting the legal definition of guilt…

That said, we’ve known all along Christie’s lying. Of course he knew — everything about it reeks of the petty, stupid, mean-spirited bullying that in his warped mind qualifies as strength and leadership — the only question is whether he managed to destroy any/all implicating evidence, or not create any in the first place. Guess we’ll eventually find out.

Though it might not matter much — best as I can tell, Christie’s popularity is roughly the same as the Zika virus, and his decision to willingly chain himself to the Hindenburg-at-Lakehurst that is the Trump campaign has worked out about as well as that final flight…though at least the zeppelin crashed and burned in a spectacular if awful way. Christie’s legacy is bully turned toady for a cut rate con artist with bad hair.

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