True, it’s not over till it’s over, however … it’s getting damn close.

Bush’s Treasurer Endorses Hillary Clinton

GOPer Who Wrote Fiery Benghazi Mom’s RNC Speech: Clinton ‘Only Choice’ in Nov

Charlie Sykes was never  on the Trump Bandwagon, but I think he nailed it with this

And even the New York Times notes his latest campaign shakeup is the political equivalent of comfort food. The reviews all say epic stink bomb, though the show must go on. Donald will be Donald. No pivot. How low can he go.

Pretty damn low rhetorically…we’ll see how it pans out politically…

And, just to be personal for a moment, I’m very lucky re: the flood — my house sits on some of the higher ground around here, so no issues. Others, including many friends and co-workers, weren’t as lucky. Please keep them in your thoughts.