Jazz Odyssey


That’s actually a little unfair, since Jazz Odyssey involved new, if lousy, music. Trump’s two-step on either side of the border was more tired rehash, part Eddie Haskell, part Wayne Newton or Tony Orlando in Branson. So…wow, he manged to make it through an entire press conference in Mexico City without overtly insulting anyone. How presidential. He also demonstrated even more so that he’s an utter fraud from his comic hair weave to his (presumably) overpriced designer shoes. Wall? What wall? (Voodoo Wall?)

And then it was red meat for the rubes in Arizona…for which I’ll offer this single smidgen of credit: Donald Trump is offering us the clearest picture of who will fall for the lamest of cons, and will do so hook, line, sinker…rod and reel.

Watching the media treat this as anything other than the obvious fraud it is…unfuckingbelievable. I thought it was pretty awful/surreal in the run up to the Gulf War. Guess some things don’t change.

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