An Hour I’ll Never Get Back…


Well, last night’s CIC Forum was … uninformative as only something like that can be. A quick post-event scan of the usual sources suggested no real winner, but one sure loser: Matt Lauer. He didn’t just screw the pooch but gave it a big wet sloppy kiss/tongue bath on live (if cable) television, and his kid-gloves approach towards The Donald was so extreme it was less grading curve and more sheer grading cliff.

But … to repeat, I think this campaign is less about convincing any undecideds than it is about making sure your own supporters…get. out. and. VOTE. People who claim to be undecided are probably just looking for a good excuse.

So…if your excuse, one way or another, is that The Donald is an actual Banana Republican (or, as Charles Pierce calls him, El Caudillo De-Mar-A-Lago) … it certainly came through last night. There was the high praise for fellow tinpot Vlad Putin, the outright lies about Iraq and Libya, ridiculous promises to replace … how many generals? Dozens, tens of dozens? “Take the oil.” WTF? I haven’t even mentioned his appalling response to a question about PTSD related suicides and sexual assaults by uniformed troops. In other words, The Donald promises he’ll make a dandy El Jefe.

And we sure did get quite an earful about HRC’s email.

60 more days of this…

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  1. I could die of alcohol poisoning if I used enough vodka to kill the pain of the next 60 days!

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