Keep Calm, And…


Sure, the latest polls in some swing states show the race tightening, and there’s never — never — any excuse for complacency; however, I still think this is less an election about convincing allegedly undecided voters (I really doubt there are many of those) and much, much more about the parties and candidates getting their voters to the polls. Hence, the furious efforts by the GOP to disenfranchise Democratic voters…and their full court spin of any news that’s less than favorable to HRC.

Wingnut partisans are looking to instill a panic, in the hopes it will feed on itself. And, in addition to the whole “Washington is wired for Republicans,” you’ve got a media that’s looking out for themselves (or worse). Blowout elections don’t sell papers or generate website clicks. That they’re willing to play with dumpster fires is shocking, and in at least one case, genuinely deplorable, but that’s how they roll, I guess.

Yes, there’s the possibility of the nightmare scenario…and the very fact that there are enough of the basket of — or if you prefer, and I do, the sack of shit — is troubling, but … hell, we’ve always known they were there: they voted for Goldwater, for Wallace, then Nixon, they cheered and gloated when Ronaldus Magnus (blessed be Thy Name) went all in for States Rights in Mississippi, and later when Junior pretended to have a mandate … and they’d love to see the Trump train wreck (“bring it on!”) …but that should be motivation enough to get Democratic voters out in numbers sufficient to win. And that’s the goal. A win. A blowout would be nice, but I’ll take any victory the Democrats can get.

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  1. A win’s a win although I would love to see a blowout, and you’re so right about very few undecideds, and really if someone is undecided at this point, where has *he been???

    *deliberately using “he”

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