Reality Television Versus Reality


So, Monday night we all got a glimpse of the kind of train wreck a Trump administration would be — a yuge one — as The Donald sighed, sniffled, bullied, and lurched incoherently through his responses, equal parts Elmer Gantry and Elmer Fudd. “Laid an egg” doesn’t even begin to describe, and the equally scattershot/scatter-brained excuses — it was a bad microphone, Lester Holt was mean to me…the first half hour was good (that’ll be the one they really push, and at least some in the media are pathetically playing along) — anyway, the excuses just underscore that it was, ahem, a disaster.

More troubling though, is that despite the obvious — Trump is a fraud, a con artist, a grifter, and worse still, not a particularly good one, a fraud who’s managed to survive only because, to cite our side’s rhetoric, the game/system is rigged — despite this, some 40 plus percent of our fellow citizens (including a clear majority here in Loosiana) will vote for the guy come hell or high water. Their minds are made up…don’t confuse them with the fact that their nominee behaves like a particularly bratty eight year old.

Don’t confuse them, but by all means let’s outvote them…

2 thoughts on “Reality Television Versus Reality

  1. My neighbor’s kids used to come over when they were grade-school age and we used to watch movies or play board games. It was a joke with us that the “she/he’s being mean to me” was just silly fun. It’s mind-blowing those kids were more mature than this 70 yr-old.

    That family is also documented from Mexico (kids are U.S.-born).

  2. Out-voting the idiots was what I was expecting would happen here in Brexitland. But nooooo. Millions of morons carried the day for the leave campaign and now it’s a mess.

    All that said, voting a psychopath into the Whitehouse is a step beyond again. Surely not. How is this guy getting away with it.

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