Creepy Clown Sightings Up This Month



More seriously, as the end game arrives with — thank heavens — Team Trump falling apart like a cheap suit (minus some possibly ominous rumblings), it looks like Donald-The-Creepy-Clown will be on full display, lashing out at, well, everyone… except his core supporters, who right now are somewhere between anger and denial…and not likely to go any further through the stages of grief…if they’ve even heard of, much less understand the stages of grief.

Well…it’s still not over till it’s over, so I sure as hell hope (and assume) the Clinton campaign isn’t shopping for Oval Office furniture (and I can think of one person to NOT shop with),  but it’s nice that at long last the finish line is in sight, and we seem to have passed Peak Trump (well, except for the 35-40 percent…ugh)…the latest question seems to be will Donald have negative coattails if not toxic ones and take the Senate and/or House down with him…would be nice. Though…at this point I’ll take a Trump loss…ANY loss.