Egopithicus Gropus


Couldn’t agree more with Adrastos; about all I’d add is, as usual, Trump was graded less on a curve than a cliff…to the extent that some of the libruls even let wingers spin the idea that “the first half hour” was, what — Reaganesque? — simply because it wasn’t a total disaster? That Trump, by not visibly drooling, exposing himself, and/or rolling around in a puddle of his own filth, “exceeded expectations?”

So, sure, I’m fully on board with Team Prog…but simple observation, not leftist perspective, saw through the spin. Trump was, is, and will forever be terrible in this kind of forum. What works with the wingnuts stinks up the joint (like sulfur) when it comes to the broader public. His verbiage was incoherent word salad that might have  embarrassed Sarah Palin (emphasis on might), multiplied by PharmaBro Shkreli facial expressions, with more than a little condescending, knuckle-dragging mansplaining…and that’s before Donald really let loose his inner clod with as dumb a response as has ever been made to the easiest of softballs — “will you accept the results?” Hell, Trump managed to not trip over his own, um, Little Donald, on that one during the primaries. That he couldn’t tamp down his inner inchoate rage during the final big event of Campaign 2016 — the longest of dreary slogs — demonstrates an unfitness for office that, even if he loses, ought to sober all of us up from the heavy drinking that helped get me through the hour and a half last night…he’s still a major party nominee.

Three more weeks…