Rogue v. Rancid


So as the campaign — at long last (and damn, that sucks…I used to enjoy the debate, if not the entertainment) — anyway, as the campaign winds down and Team Trump approaches its sell-by date (although, again, anything can happen)…the latest rounds of whatever-you-might-call-it…brought back, at least for me, the memory of Team Palin opting to go all out for Team Palin, and eff the Straight Talk Express.

But…that seems tame and even quaint compared to the daily-if-not-hourly cases of Team Trump melting down like a carved pumpkin in late-November (or in Gingrich’s case, like a couple hundred pounds of flailing jello). Amazingly though, Trump’s floor remains at 37-40 percent…in other words, still better than the popularity rating of Bush the younger at its nadir, and goddamn, what the hell ARE they thinking? Going all in for The Donald — the Katrina Fridge of candidates? A guy who makes Bush Junior look like Pericles? Lord.

So…four more days to wonder if not worry about an October surprise…Happy Halloween…and here’s hoping for treats of some kind instead of the shittiest of tricks…

One thought on “Rogue v. Rancid

  1. “A guy who makes Bush Junior look like Pericles? Lord.”

    Exactly. And to think that I once thought the Shrublet was the low point. People just wouldn’t look at anyone dumber and nastier than that, I thought. Good times.

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