One More Week Of This…I Damn Sure Hope


So, the longest of long slogs is down to the final days, and it appears, knock on wood, that the Clinton firewall is holding. And…I’ll admit it, my own arc of Trump has been one from goddamn, how hilarious, to goddamn, they really did it, to…goddamn…especially as the race has tightened…

Especially as allegedly mainstream wingers have gleefully boarded the same Trump bandwagon that has a reserved first-class seat for noted scumbag and Loosiana senatorial candidate David Duke.

Especially as the demonization of Hillary Clinton is now fully embraced by the same. It’s one thing to pander to a lunatic base, but setting the country up for either unprecedented obstructionism, or, god forbid, a manifestly unqualified grifter unable to practice basic impulse control (great — let’s give his stubby little fingers access to the nuclear button)…a line has been crossed. The GOP is…bugfuck insane.

And that’s not an offhand remark…

Here’s to the non-insane option next week, at least on the national level…

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