So, Thanksgiving Just Got A Lot More Interesting For A Lot More People


First, apologies for recycling a recent Photoshop effort, but I couldn’t think of much anything else … guess I’m still processing it all and at least trying to reach stage 5/acceptance on the grief scale. Paul Krugman and Roy Edroso have good advice for not just the upcoming holiday gatherings but the next (hopefully only) four years… and the single other thing that came to mind seemed to be in poor taste, even if considered with the best intentions.

If you’re wondering, it was some variant of a pelt or hunting trophy Wildebeest/Hilldebeest, since all the various forces finally managed, deservedly or not, to extract their pound of Clinton flesh/harpoon their white whale/bag their prize. An odd consortium ranging from Villagers who forever thought of the Clintons as — out of their proper place in DC high society? — to the “objective” media (see Rules, Clinton) to the assorted wingnut factions looking to, well, stick it to the bitch (paraphrasing Newt Gingrich’s mother — video link).

Sorry to digress…anyway, what’s done is done (and I’d just as soon NOT form the circular firing squad), the people have spoken, kind of…and funny how that goes: Obama gets an actual majority in 2008 and 2012, but must govern carefully and considerately, Trump comes in a la Bush Junior with a bare electoral majority and, ahem, not even a plurality of actual votes … but already I’ve heard at least one reference to mandate, and I’m pretty sure that was on librul NPR (if I recall, it was Eddie Munster doppelganger Paul Ryan who said it).

So, a new media cycle is beginning, and just to play seer for a moment, here’s my .0000002 cents worth on where I believe it leads — first, mandate or not, Trump enters office horribly unqualified to do much of anything besides photo-ops. Maybe he defers to Pence (gag) and/or Congress…and he has nothing approaching a defined policy…

So in lieu of the dog ate Don’s homework, they’ll insist on how REALLY horrible the mess was/is, which (of course) means that blame lies with Obama and librulism…I don’t even want to think about military and/or foreign policy, but as things go sour economically, we’ll continue to hear it’s the fault of the left, and, similar to the Kansas experiment that’s an ongoing exercise in how long the voting public will tolerate shit sandwiches (long enough in Kansas to RE-elect Brownback…sigh), it’ll continue to be anyone else’s fault except theirs, while they dish out plenty of red meat-good-old-fashioned-tribalism- and-hate-to-the-base…

Goddamn…it’s going to be a long four years.

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